Seed token sale

¿What is Seed Token Sale?

It is a round of token sales at a lower price than its current or estimated price on exchanges.

In this case, Thousand launches its seed token sale round to the public parallel to its seed capital investment round with the purpose of supporting financing with the sale of tokens and continuing with its development plans.

Benefits of buying TND now

High acquisition

The price is low, which allows the quantity obtained to be high.

Secret reward

Buying addresses will be added to a white list and will receive a secret reward later.


Get a discounted price.

More tokens

Your amount of tokens increase just by having TND in your wallet.

As the project progresses, you will obtain more benefits for being the owner, for example; by listing us on new cryptocurrency exchange platforms, you will be able to operate the token, make staking, transactions, make purchases online, etc ... much later, interact with our platforms. (ThousandEx, ThousandDEX, ThousandPay, ThousandWallet, MarketplaceNFT).

Seed token sale details

-Name: Thousand Token

-Ticker: TND

-Decimals: 09

-Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

-Tokens for sale: 100.000.000

-TND price for 1 BNB: 2.280.000

-Minimum purchase: 0.05 BNB

-Máximum purchase: 1 BNB

Official buy address for tokens TND 0xb8e39Ac4Ab842809D07d0e0c4B85ae087bD5F149

¿How to buy?

  • Step 1: Buy BNB on any exchange or cryptocurrency buying platform.

  • Step 2: Complete the purchase form

  • Step 3: The $TND tokens will be sent to the address from which the BNB is sent (issuing address).

TND tokens will be shipped within 24 hours, please contact support if this time is exceeded.

Make sure to make the transaction from the BSC network.

Applies only to TND of the BSC network.

Official buy address for tokens TND (0xb8e39Ac4Ab842809D07d0e0c4B85ae087bD5F149).

After the sale of seed tokens, TND will open a DEX trading pool with a price higher than the seed sale, 50% of the funds collected will be injected into liquidity in this pool, the community will also be able to contribute liquidity to receive rewards (mining of liquidity).

The team will make new partnerships for the benefit of the project and continue with its development plan and vision.

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